Location: TBD


(due to the COVID-19 PANADEMIC all schools are closed until further notice, the exact location will be updated within a week before the event)


                        No Student-Athlete left behind!


 Are you a junior college football or post-graduate candidate looking for an incredible opportunity to achieve your goals?

Only current HS Seniors & recent graduates (2021, 2020) seeking a junior college or post-graduate opportunity to continue their education and playing career are invited to attend. If prospect attended another college program - please explain situation prior to registering.

Student-athletes will be tested in their speed, agility, strength, athleticism and overall football skill level.

  • Registration (early registration recommended)

  • Dynamic Warm-UP and Stretch

  • Position-Specific Drills (Rotate)

  • Specialty Period

  • Position Switch Period

  • Cool Down, Q&A;, and Closing Remarks