Jersey Coast Prep Academy(JCPA) is a Full - Year Private Post - Graduate Program, located on the beautiful Jersey Shore near the “Boardwalk” only steps off the beach, in a diverse metropolitan community, . We are 1 hour from three of America’s great cities Atlantic City, Philadelphia, and New York City.

Recent High school graduate Student-Athletes attending JCPA will have the opportunity to recover courses or complete core requirements. “Rising HS Seniors” can also complete their Senior Year of High School, along with having a Post-Graduate year. All students will have the opportunity to prepare for taking either the ACT or SAT to improve their score or take either test for the first time. We are also accepting students who need to attend junior college.


We have a dual emphasis on the importance on academics and athletics at JCPA. We are open to all student-athletes with the willingness, determination, open mindedness, to accept discipline, be teachable and willing to work hard. We strive to provide a service to student-athletes by providing a healthy outlet for young men and women to learn, train, and compete.


Our Vision: For each of our students-athletes to become independent learning, through improving study-skills and time management. For each student-athlete becoming NCAA academically eligible and prepared to enter a two-year or four-year college. Finally, for each student-athlete to be recognized nationally as an exemplary prospect.

Our Goal: Our staff is sustained to display and offer an extraordinary amount of commitment and hard work to ensure our student-athletes find success on/off the field or court, now and in the future. We are committed and dedicated to these principles.